Criminal defense is often very different from what is generally perceived by the public. While most see criminal defense in terms of black and white, modern criminal work involves complex federal and state statutes that often call for lengthy terms of incarceration. Ms. Macedonio’s years of experience have given her an ability to construct creative arguments about the applicability of these statutes. For her clients, the results have been immensely successful. A brief sampling of her success includes the following results:

  • Complete acquittal in FBI Racketeering Conspiracy case that spanned from 1968 to 2013. This case included charges related to the Lufthansa Heist as portrayed in the movie Goodfellas. Client was charged in a twenty-three page indictment alleging three counts and fourteen Racketeering Acts. The crimes charged included multiple extortions and robberies, murder, murder solicitation, arson and illegal gambling.
  • Successful argument in the United States Court of Appeals resulting in reversal in FBI bank robbery.
  • Successful arguments to the United States Department of Justice not to seek death penalty in death eligible cases.
  • Successful argument in the United States Court of Appeals resulting in reversal in international narcotics case.
  • Plea offer sentence achieved after trial in complex internet fraud case.
  • Case dismissed after being brought against store owner by Department of Home Land Security for money laundering and synthetic identity fraud.
  • Securities Broker received sentence of probation in FBI case where charges alleged a two year conspiracy to commit securities fraud.
  • New York City Council Member’s aid received probationary sentence in political case involving federal mail fraud, wire fraud and money laundering.
  • Real Estate broker charged with bank and wire fraud received sentence of one month while the United States Sentencing Guidelines called for sentence of 63-78 months’ incarceration.
  • Client alleged to have been boss of Gambino crime family received sentence of three years in RICO homicide prosecution.
  • Insurance broker received probationary sentence in scheme to defraud involving $500,000.00.
  • Deferred prosecution granted multi-defendant mail and wire fraud case brought by the Federal Bureau of Investigation.
  • Federal charges brought by the Drug Enforcement Administration for the distribution of Oxycodone dismissed.
  • Successful applications on both federal and state levels for diversionary programs.
  • Successfully assisted clients in achieving maximum term at residential re-entry programs.
  • Successfully assisted clients in admission to the Bureau of Prisons RDAP program.