Federal and State Criminal Defense

Elizabeth Macedonio, P.C. represents individuals in complex and varied criminal investigations and prosecutions at both the trial and appellate levels. Ms. Macedonio has extensive experience in cases that involve allegations of murder, racketeering, securities and wire fraud, bank fraud, international and domestic narcotics cases, cyber crimes, and a wide range of other federal and state offenses. The Firm has been successful in helping clients avoid prosecution and has convinced prosecutors to dismiss pending charges.

At trial, Ms. Macedonio’s tenacity has achieved outstanding results for her clients. Moreover, through creative and thoughtful sentencing preparation, Ms. Macedonio has convinced even the most reluctant members of the judiciary to impose sentences far below those mandated by the sentencing guidelines. Ms. Macedonio is dedicated to keeping abreast of new developments in the law and related advocacy issues. Her commitment and creativity allows her to develop avenues of defense for her clients that are not always immediately obvious. These avenues can make potential winners out of otherwise seemingly hopeless cases. Focusing solely on criminal defense, Ms. Macedonio’s experience is significant.